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Uses a layout that matches the interface of the TRAKTOR DJ Software to ensure a high level of operability

The effect area uses the same layout as the interface of the TRAKTOR DJ Software to provide the same operation and feel. The controller has excellent operability thanks to its player and mixer layout similar to that of Pioneer’s professional DJ equipment and to its jog dial with a diameter of 115 mm.Moreover, besides the Needle Search function that allows you to quickly find a playback point, a load button to load track data and a master/sync button to match track speed and tempo are assigned to each channel of the mixer area, so you can intuitively mix 4 channels.


“LAPTOP dock” design integrates with your PC / MAC

The DDJ-T1 houses your laptop close to minimize eye movement, keeping the DJ experience intuitive.


New TRAKTOR Interface enhances usability

A new clear interface brings high resolution color waveforms and advances the experience of DJ’ing on the DDJ-T1.
New Benefits:

  • ・The wave form is color coded by instrument, so it is easy to see the location of the beat elements such as kick, hi-hat, and snare, and to mix while understanding in advance how a song will develop.
  • ・The combination of the high resolution color wave display and the needle search pad that enables quick selection of a song’s playback point enables you to easily reach a desired playback point.
  • ・The number of zoom levels for the waveform display has increased from two(2) to nine(9), for more detailed cue point setting. Thus, cue points can be set intuitively using the jog dial and cue buttons.
New high resolution color waveform

Connecting the controller only requires a USB cable, so you can start DJing by simply plugging in

You can connect the controller to a computer with just a USB cable, so you can truly “plug and play”. Since all of the buttons and knobs have already been assigned DJ software functions, you can easily start DJing without making any complicated settings. Furthermore, the controller can be powered by the USB port of a computer*.
* Some functions are limited. Furthermore, depending on the power supply of the USB port of the computer,the controller may not operate on bus power.
In this case, connect the included AC adapter.

Playing address NEEDLE SEARCH pad

Improved Sync Accuracy

Dedicated software

The controller comes with TRAKTOR PIONEER DDJ-T1 EDITION 2 software that includes a four-channel deck control to control 4 tracks simultaneously. The accuracy of the synchronization, which is a special feature of TRAKTOR software that allows automatic synchronization of the tempo of multiple songs, has been improved. The auto beat can then be detected more accurately and beat mixing is available through a single button press. The sync button that matches song tempos is located on each channel, making it easier to synchronize beats. Additionally, by using the channel fader start function, CUE start* can be performed by simply moving a channel fader, so that advanced mixing using 4 decks can now be performed quickly and easily.
* This function starts playback from a point freely specified by the user.

4-channel deck control
  • * DDJ-T1 customers can update to “TRAKTOR Pioneer DDJ-T1 EDITION 2” free of charge. If Native Instruments have not already emailed you details on how to download and update, please visit their website for support.
  • * Customers who own the paid software “TRAKTOR PRO 2” can download and install the settings file provided by Pioneer to allow the DDJ-T1 compatibility with the new features such as “Sample Deck”.
  • Visit

A high quality design for a clear and powerful DJ sound

Pioneer has utilized technology developed from its professional DJ equipment, including audio circuits from our DJ mixer in the master output terminal area, to ensure high quality sound. In addition, audio characteristics optimal for the TRAKTOR DJ software have been included to realize a clear and powerful DJ sound.

Other functions

  • ● The cross fader and each channel fader employ a lock mechanism to prevent the knobs from slipping
  • ● Built-in sound cards


Input terminals MIC x 1 (Front: 1/4 inch PHONE),AUX x 1 (Rear: RCA)
Output terminals MASTER OUT x 2 (Rear: 1/4 inch PHONE x 1, RCA x 1)、HEADPHONE MONITOR OUT x 2 (Front: 1/4 inch PHONE, Mini Pin)
Other terminals USB B connector x 1 (Rear)
Frequency range 20 Hz-20 kHz
Total harmonic distortion 0.006% or less
Signal-to-noise ratio 103dB(PC)
Dimensions 680 mm (W) x 95.2 mm (H) x 318 mm (D)
Weight 4.9kg


  • Software Download
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  • FAQ
  • Manuals

Optional product


    A DJ controller bag that fits DDJ-SX2/DDJ-SX/DDJ-S1/DDJ-T1.
    Cushions fitted to the DDJ-SX2, DDJ-SX, DDJ-S1 and DDJ-T1 protect devices from damage and vibration*.

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