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TOP | MIXER | DJM-250-K.DJM-250-W


8 inputs for direct connection with a variety of devices. Achieves clearer sound with XLR outputs. 2CH dj mixer for enjoying authentic DJing.

  • DJM-250-K
  • DJM-250-W


Industry-First*. Equipped with Sound Color Filter function enabling a wide range of song arranging and mixing

The DJM-250 is the industry’s first 2 channel mixer equipped with manual filter on each channel as used in Pioneer DJ top models (Sound Color Filter function).
As filter effects can be adjusted by simply turning a large knob, dynamic and intuitive music arrangement is possible. And since filter effects can be applied independently to each channel, a wide variety of mixing is possible by combining fader operation and equalizer effects. Furthermore, because sound changes resulting from knob operation are displayed with illuminated colors and lights, intuitive DJing can be performed using both the eyes and ears.
*For a 2 channel DJ mixer. According to Pioneer research as of September 21, 2011.


Equipped with 8 inputs enabling connection with a variety of devices

Though compact in size, the DJM-250 is equipped with 8 inputs (4 inputs for DJ multiplayers and analog turntables, 3 AUX inputs, and 1 MIC input). This enables connection with DJ devices, as well as for use as a preamp when connected with a variety of music devices such as a PC, portable player, TV, or synthesizer.

Effect buttom

Equipped with XLR balanced output terminals for minimized audio signal degradation

Since it features XLR balanced outputs, the DJM-250 outputs clear audio with almost no degradation to the input audio signal.
It can also be connected without an adapter to powered speakers and devices with XLR compatible inputs.

XLR Output terminal

Other functions

  • ● Clear audio quality through 48 kHz/24 bit full digital processing.
  • ● 3 band isolator type equalizer on each channel for wide level control from +9 dB to -∞ (cut) each for HI/MID/LOW frequency bands.
  • ● Fader Start Play function to start playback on connected Pioneer DJ players linked with fader operation.
  • ● Peak level meters on each channel that display the audio input level.
  • ● Crossfader Curve Adjust function that allows the crossfader curve to be changed between 3 different patterns.
  • ● Rackmount ears for installing in DJ tables and DJ racks.


Number of channels2 channels
Input TerminalsCD × 2 (RCA), PHONO/LINE × 2 (RCA), MIC × 1 (1/4 inch PHONE), AUX × 3 (RCA × 2, Ф3.5 mm stereo mini jack × 1)
Output TerminalsMASTER OUT × 2 (XLR × 1, RCA × 1), HEADPHONE MONITOR OUT × 1 (1/4 inch PHONE)
Other terminalsCONTROL OUT × 2 (Ф3.5 mm mini jack)
A/D, D/A converter48 kHz/24 bit
Frequency Performance20 Hz – 20 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion0.007% or less
S/N Ratio91 dB or higher (CD)
External dimensions240 mm (W) × 300.2 mm (D) × 107.7 mm (H)
Weight3.1 kg


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