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The following information is released.
  - djay 2 for iPad (Ver. 2.6.1) and vjay for iPad (Ver. 1.4.2) are now compatible with DDJ-WeGO. (6 November, 2014 Update)
   In line with this change, the Hardware Diagram has been updated.
  - The latest v7.4 of "VIRTUAL DJ LE" bundled with DDJ-WeGO is supported by Windows 8. (16 July, 2013 Update)
   Please see the VirtualDJ Support Information for details.
  - Supporting djay for iPad / vjay for iPad. (7 May, 2013 Update)
  - Supporting Serato DJ Intro and Serato DJ. (19 February, 2013 Update)
  - djay / djay LE Support information (11 December, 2012 Updated)
  -Setting File for TRAKTOR PRO2 Ver.1.00 (9 November, 2012 Updated)
  -Version up of Virtual DJ Limited Edition/Pro Full from Ver7.1 to 7.2 (9 November, 2012 Updated)


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